Class Schedule

It is important for the safety of our students that proper clothing and shoes are worn on days that your student has physical education class.  Please help your child remember to wear shorts or pants that fit properly and tennis shoes on the correct days.  

Thank you for your help in creating a fun, safe and successful physical education environment for all students.

Trimester 3
Physical Education Schedule

Kinder Jasinski - Tuesday and Wednesday
Kinder Blahnik
Wednesday and Thursday

1st Usmani - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
1st Reel/BensonTuesday and Wednesday 
1st Bunch-Rindels - Wednesday and Thursday

2nd Self ContainedWednesday and Thursday

2nd Eblin - Tuesday and Wednesday 
2nd Santistevan - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

3rd RoubisonTuesday and Wednesday

3rd Wilmot - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

4th CraneWednesday and Thursday
4th Murphy - Monday, Wednesday and Friday
4th Larson - Tuesday and Wednesday

5th Williams Monday, Wednesday and Friday

5th Schaefer - Tuesday and Wednesday
5th Shamblin - Wednesday and Thursday

6th Buttopietro - Monday, Wednesday and Friday

6th Gibson - Tuesday and Wednesday
6th Garcia - Wednesday and Thursday

7th Group B - Wednesday and Thursday
7th Group ATuesday and Wednesday

8th Nunez - Wednesday and Friday
8th Applegate - Monday and Wednesday