Classroom Policies


  • Grades will be updated and posted weekly.  Please be certain to obtain your login and password from the office to access Infinite Campus in order to view the most recent grades.  Students will have their own personal login and password.  I encourage them to take responsibility for their own grade.  Feel free to have them show you their assignments and grades on a weekly basis.  If you do not have internet access, they can print out their grade from school during class work time and/or at lunch recess.
  • Infinite Campus is updated on a weekly basis and student grades will be posted in the classroom every Monday.
  • Reading your Infinite Campus homework grades: 0 = late and can be turned in for 70% credit 3 = REDO; was turned in on time -> correct missed problems, turn in for 80% credit 4 = Completed Redo 5 = Homework turned in on time with greater than 70% accuracy 6 = Homework turned in on time with greater than 90% accuracy; extra credit


  • Homework will be given nearly every day with some time given in class to complete.  Any work that is not completed in class becomes homework.  Homework assignments are due at the beginning of the next day in which class meets.
  • If a student earns lower than a 70% on a homework assignment, they have the opportunity to fix the incorrect work and turn it back in for up to 80% credit.
  • Late homework will be accepted all the way up to the end of the trimester for 70% credit.

Students are required to write a process paper every other week.  The students receive a multi-step word problem and must explain step by step the process they went through to solve the problem.  It is assigned on Monday and is due Friday.  Communication entries are worth 50 points and students have an entire week to complete it.